Be true to who you are…..

And the family name you bear……

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Medicine Lodge

Well, it was the first time this summer that I have been able to get away...been working overtime between the DDA's and my mother.  Shane took me to Medicine Lodge, and I think the Lord had been saving all the wild flowers up just for me.  It was beautiful, and the smell was just amazing!

My future home when I retire....stop laughing.

To allow the girls some freedom, Shane would allow Beth to drive the 4wheeler and I would put Grace on my lap and allow her to steer.  Over the blowing wind you could often hear her singing "I'll take you for a ride on my big green rhino.."  One time her tune was interrupted by the comment "Hey! you know what? I drive pretty good with my eyes closed!"  I am utterly convinced that 90% of the time we were careening totally out of control and she was loving every minute of it.  The other 10% I was clutching the steering wheel for dear life and she was trying to figure out how to pry my fingers off...... such a child.

About right here I, Grace and Berry got separated from the rest of the family... I stopped to take a picture not knowing that around the corner there was a fork in the road... I wasn't worried, but apparently I was the only one. I just stopped at the fork and waited for them to come back for me. Have you ever had a tongue lashing from five men?  It's not pretty. So to be brief I will just say they told me to get my nose out from behind the camera and drive!

They mine travertine up here, It looks so pretty to see mountains of it.


This would make a great place for formal family pictures IF you didn't have to get so windblown and dirty to reach it.

Bethany wanted some of the large pine cones from the tree that grew on the cliff.  Dad was her escort.

This is very familiar territory for my guys..they hunt here. They are reminiscing and showing mom where all their great hunts took place.

The entire place was in bloom.. and as you drove across it,  it smelled like strong lilac unless you hit the sage and then...well it smelled like sage.:)

Now....there is a family joke around our house ~whenever someone does something silly you will hear "that will end up on the blog!"  In all fairness, I am not as cruel as I could be, I keep a lot of photo's just for myself. BUT.... so that they can never accuse me of being one sided, here is yours truly with a tiny bit of wisdom.... If you are riding caboose, do NOT apply your lotion in the morning....dust will stick.

Friday, July 16, 2010

How fast they grow

I am having a hard time deciding who is growing faster.
The boy or his dog......

Monday, July 5, 2010

Dan's Bear

The boys and I were busy this weekend cleaning out a few skulls... yeah, I know.  They better talk sweet at my funeral!  They cleaned a bear skull for their Uncle Dan, it turned out nice.