Be true to who you are…..

And the family name you bear……

Monday, May 30, 2011


When we left Idaho for Missouri, we did so without selling our old farm house there.  It was an act of faith..... a lot of faith.  We put the house on the market the night before we left and received an excellent offer fourteen days later.

I have never been able to bargain with the Lord, I cannot come before Him and say "If you will just get me out of this spot I promise I will do......"  I know and He knows that I would fail at any promise I would make so I find it best to be honest and say "Father, I don't deserve it but I need............. and the only way it can happen is if you do it." 

He has never failed me, and I'd just like to praise him for that.


I've had a hard time trying to decide what to do with my blog.  So much has changed in the past few months that I just wanted to delete my old blog and start over.  My children objected, saying the stories were still about  them and we haven't changed.  I decided instead to transfer my writings over here. For a fresh start that still hangs on to the memories....

The corner we have turned is one that I hope will leave a heritage for my childrens children. And I am excited to see how the Lord will write this story.