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Thursday, December 31, 2009

T & G

Well, as usual I got these in here backward! I cannot grasp how to load pictures. We have put the last piece of Tongue and Groove on!!!! That ledge on the stairwell is for a book shelf!! We NEVER have enough shelf space. Now, to trim the windows, sand, spray the finish and then carpet!!!!
When it's all listed out like that is sounds like a lot left to do..... but after the T & G sitting in our basement for two years, I'd say we are well on our way.

Do you have any idea how much this dinky little door cost?
Try double the price a a full size! Just made me sick.

"Honey, quit taking my picture!"

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Boy

MRI of the screws when they put humpty dumpty together again!
A hungry boy! I fixed him a sandwich and he said
" Ah, this is the first home cooked meal I've had in three days..."
LOL! he must have been desperate.

and one happy momma!

Monday, December 28, 2009

What Chiefers found...

Today was sunny. I thought I'd let Bonita out to enjoy it and just watch her....never think that. If it wasn't for Jerling ( my cow) bellering her head off I would have missed the whole thing. Bonita is a first time momma. Had her baby right in the muckiest spot she could have. Chief was there to protect him though. Have I ever told you how much I love my dogs?
Much cleaner.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zacky ~D

Please keep Zachary in your prayers for the next few days. He and his dad left this morning for Boise where he will have surgery tomorrow. He has not healed right since his bike accident on Mother's day and a specialized specialist will be reconstructing his arm. This is Zac after the accident.. The arm is twisting and causing him some pain. As in the picture below if you watch him he does everything two handed. His right hand should be the dominate one. He's such a great guy, never complained about it, just simply figured out how to work around it.
But he can't work around it forever. The longer it goes the more deformed it will become. Please pray they will get it right this time and that God will heal him quickly. Also, please pray that his fingers don't lock up. His body produces vast amounts of scar tissue. This scar tissue freezes up all the tendons to his fingers...translated to mean LOTS of physical therapy. And while I'm begging for prayers here I guess I'll add the last one. Boise, is a four to five hour trip, please pray we can have follow up visits with a local doctor.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Away in My Manger....

Alright, I know it is Christmas and I really do have to get back to the family. But... I had to share, they arrived about an hour ago, both girls!!! Mom and babies are doing fine..... I guess we should name them something special like Joy and Noel.
Got to run.

Monday, December 21, 2009


We insulated the boy's bed rooms this weekend. Shane said
" I haven't done this since high school... I may be a little rusty, there may be a mess........" "It'll be okay" says I.... Oh, good Lord! I have never seen more of a mess. One time he actually turned to talk to me and the hose pulled out of the mesh and he completely buried me in insulation! Our storage attic backs up to the boy's attic rooms and the 100 yr old wall separating them gave way and he buried all my storage stuff. NY may be whining about their little old two foot of snow but I'd like to see them dig out of seven foot of insulation.
The hose of terror!

David filling the hopper, oblivious to the chaos he is feeding. See the buckets? Cody and I were hauling spilled insulation down to be reloaded with the vague hope that it would end up in the right place aka: the wall! this time.

Cody making another trip. Hose of terror in the back ground.

What a dirty, dirty day! I don't know what the regular insulation crew gets paid but I guarantee it is not enough! At least it wasn't fiberglass. Praise God that part is done!!!
And honey, it'll be okay....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bear With Me...

Okay.......... I'm missing the sun. So have gone through last years spring pictures to remind myself that this too shall pass.

Spring is my favorite time of year... always so full of promise.

and warmth....

Only six more months right?

Actually, we breed the rabbits in two weeks for Easter selling and the end of January will bring out the incubators and the potting soil for tomato and pepper seedlings....

I will live to see the end of it. Just breath deep woman.

Breath deep.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dr. Cody?

Well, I didn't get this posted last week but Cody has taken his second final for becoming a Veterinary Assistant with a 92%. He has one more to go this winter then he plans on seeking a job with a Veterinarian when he turns sixteen in May. Upon graduation he hopes to go to college to be a Veterinarian. Would that not be a feather in my hat? No Vet bills..... you don't think he would charge his mother would he?

BTW~ He trapped a HUGE Beaver a few days ago, you really need to go to his blog and check it out.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

They Are Almost Here!!

I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year. It is dark and gloomy and cold... My animals have to live in it.... so do I. The girls get so shaggy and dirty. It really is just no fun. Yet, it is the time of the BABIES!!! At least for some of these fat little momma's. We should have our first hitting the ground right at Christmas and then they will come in groups until April. And even then there will be a few stragglers going into summer.
Huh, These pictures are all butts. I didn't get one front view.....
Here they come! Shelly's headless herd!
I laugh when they get to this stage... having six of my own I should be more sympathetic but seeing them walk on tooth pick legs and then when they lay down and just spread out like a puddle it's almost too much.
Here's hoping she doesn't burst at the seams.....

Born Again American

I watched a very touching video today Born Again American
you'll have to check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Sparky

We are still stuck in the boy's rooms upstairs. This part is over 100 yrs old. I probably already told you that. There were only two makeshift plug ins and one space heater up there. Here Shane is putting in more outlets before we insulate.

There comes a time in every Do It Yourself project when it is just no longer fun.... I hit that point this weekend. The good news is we are over half way now and things should start picking up from here. Did you hear my chuckle?

When we got all the old insulation tore down we found so much trash behind the walls... It amounted to another entire pickup truck load to the dump. It wasn't from the old boys either, it had to have been a remodel mess and they just walled it all up. It gave us an idea though, we are going to make a time capsule, there are huge spaces behind the wall and before we close them back up we will put it in.... what kind of things would be fun?

And then there was the 220 wire... We had decided to cut back a wall that divided the two rooms so it would look more open. Well, because the house was built before there was electricity all wires have been stuffed and crammed in weird places to try and conceal them.
Conceal them they did. Shane was cutting out the Studs with a saws all and suddenly there was a bright light ~ not heavenly mind you~ and the next thing I knew I was running around putting out burning cinders. He is so blessed that it didn't fry him.......

We spent the next two hours chasing the wire in the walls so we could replace it. I got to hang out in 100 yr old dust and mouse carcasses ~charming! It was enough to make a Saint swear but unfortunately there were no Saints, only us sinners and things got a little mouthy for a while. When we finished he said "There! Now that's done." I smirk "Yeah, we're right back where we started." He didn't find that too funny so I just patted his cheek and said " You light up my life, baby." He got back to cutting studs.

Tonight he is bringing home the mesh to mesh the studs. We had to fer them out another inch and a half to give enough depth for good insulation.

The Magic of Wonder

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tearing down the house!

I finally have a few minutes to get these pictures posted! Things have been crazy around here. This is one side of the boy's bedroom.... sweet little maiden of mine.... she has no idea how futile this attempt will be..........
Now I know why we didn't just build our home....
we would miss out on all the excitement that comes
with tearing one apart!

checking nails.

This boy is having WAY too much fun!

hmmm. I got the pictures in here backward.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A friend of mine asked this morning why I didn't blog about the handicapped that live in our home. She thought it seemed quite unloving to always leave them out of the stories.
I decided to answer her here so that every one is aware of the reason.

Caring for the disabled is our family's attempt to honor God and fulfill His hospitality command. To care for the fatherless and the widow, the stranger within our gates. Our rooms are dubbed Mephibosheth rooms in honor of King David's care for Joshua's handicapped son.

We care for any stranger that the Lord chooses to send. With our eyes fastened on heaven and our feet set on earth we strive to serve the best we can. The "earth" part and the "stranger" part is where our ideals come in to trouble..... There are laws that restrict providers from talking about their clients. These laws are so vague that one could find themselves in serious trouble quite innocently.
The adults we care for are unrelated to us and unable to give us their permission to share their stories. Because of this we have chosen to avoid all discussion outside our home about our "strangers." It's really too bad because their sweet antics would provide me with much blog fodder. But, alas, it just can't be.

You will find their presence in the occasional picture or a name that does not belong on our roll call, I don't try to hide them just simply cannot bring them into the spot light. I'm thankful my friend brought this to my attention. I would never want to appear unloving. I just simply must work within the boundaries provided for me. I know you understand.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Water Bridge

A water bridge is used when one man's water
has to cross another man's water.
The water is late in the canals this year.
Usually we are dry by the first week of October.

I guess frigid weather can be beautiful.
In a sick sort of way.

Spring will come soon....
Well, I can DREAM can't I?

Me an' My Gang

I have ended up in a lot of pictures lately, scary as that is I thought I would share some here. I feel like the fat little Italian mother that runs around
on those old mafia shows saying "Eeeeat, Eeeeat."
And her grown batch of boys wave her off with an
"Aw maw, will you stop already?"
I get the Aw maw... too
Only mine Eeeeeat and Eeeeat!

My beauties .

My snuggle of choice for those long winter nights.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day

Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of Veteran's day as happy. I promised I would never forget, but some days it just hurts too much to remember...........

Some days I just really miss him.


I believe the Lord gave us herbs to heal our bodies. Working with His creation around our farm, I am able to observe an animal's God given knowledge to eat certain plants for many of their ailments.

We grow most of our own herbs for our health and healing. What we cannot grow I order from Monterey Bay. I prefer to work with the whole herb rather than pills because department store herbs are very watered down and so processed that much of the healing benefit is missing by the time it reaches your home.

This year was the first year that Grace was old enough to help and understand the purpose of harvesting and processing our herbs. When we began to create our immune boosting elixir she sat wide eyed as Bethany and I chopped and mixed the herbs.

Last night her throat was scratchy and she said she was starting to feel sick so I pulled out the immune booster. Wanting to use it as a teaching moment I said "Grace, your hard work months ago is helping you to get well now.."
She replies "It sure is and for a bunch of weeds they aren't too bad!"

.............. I'll have to try harder next year............

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Moving Backwards

"“Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininity, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we would by flaunting around in pants and smoking. I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one. When women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error…' -Tasha Tudor"

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bring it on.

I want a greater confidence in the Lord.

I shouldn't publicly say that because I know that growth is by trial. My flesh doesn't want trial, just growth. I feel like this summer I have had enough trial.... I have even caught myself whining much more than I like to admit. But what if the Lord would grant me the faith of Paul? What if he would take all the years that I rebelled against him and all the suffering I have been through and turn them around to be used as a catapult for giving me a greater confidence.

Listen to a testimony from the book of Acts.

Paul and Silas would walk a certain path as they were going to pray every day and they always passed the same damsel who had the spirit of divination. ~she was a soothsayer and the man who owned her was rich because of it. As she passed Paul and Silas she would cry "These men are servants of the most high God, which shew unto us the way of salvation." day after day.

One day the bible tells us that Paul was "grieved". He had listened to her declare her faith all this time and yet her soul was not free. So he turned to the unclean spirit and commanded it to come out of her and leave her alone. It did. And the damsel's owner was very unhappy because now she was worthless to him.

The owner then took Paul and Silas before the magistrates. The magistrates had them publicly beaten and thrown into prison. .....Now at this point I am certain I would have been sitting in that jail cell questioning God's motive for me.... "Uh...Lord? What did I do? You didn't want her soul or what???"

But not Paul, he was confident that he was walking the right path. He sang and prayed and then... the prison bars flew open. Paul was free to walk away. But Paul didn't flee. Part of me thinks he wanted to see the look on the guards face. Needless to say the guard and all his house "got saved." It's true, you can read all of this yourself chapter 16 verse 14-40. He was saved and baptised. Then after his conversion the guard put his money where his mouth is so to speak he took them home, fed them, bound up their wounds and cared for them. Then they do the craziest thing... Paul went back to prison.

What happens next just makes me smile. The magistrate sent a private word to the guard "Let those men go." Can you see the guard so happy ~running to Paul saying "You're free!"

And Paul leans back against the wall, maybe stretches and says "They have beaten us openly uncondemned, being Romans, and have cast us into prison; and now do they thrust us out privily? Nay, verily; but let them come themselves and fetch us out........."

Can you see the guards face... man? have gone daft? you're free!... but Paul waits, they will have to come and remove him publicly if they want him gone. What more could the magistrate do but humble himself to go to the prison and remove Paul?

Such Faith! Such Spirit! Such confidence in God's provision. He stood before Satan as a gladiator in the ring calling "Bring it on, Boy!"

He was beaten and imprisoned and it seemed all without cause. But God was using it...using him... to save sinners, mortify evil and in the last verse we read to comfort the brethren. If my suffering would accomplish even a tittle of that, it would be worth it.

I want that perfect peace, I want that perfect confidence. Today, I cannot list the beasts I face, that will have to come later. All I can say is~ I must be feeling my oats. I have begged the Lord to stand with me and if you were listening hard you may just have been able to hear........ one woman's heart stopping, gut wrenching whisper...........bring it on...............

Mini Moo's Two

This is silly. I did not invent blog world therefore I am not to blame but this is the second part about our mini cows even though it reads first...don't shoot the messenger, we all know things would be mighty different if I ran the world. until then scroll down for the first part! I guess about two weeks ago, Jerling trusted us enough to be let out to pasture. We had a few instances with her where the seller wasn't exactly truthful, one of those being her age, she was only a little over two years old. The second was we couldn't pin him down on a due date for her. I reasoned that it didn't matter. I had to take her to the vet and get her toes trimmed so I would have him check her and tell me how far along she was. Before I could do that however, we had a revelation... so to speak. I was walking around her, getting her use to being handled even though she was in a larger space. When I got around to her back side my heart just sunk. Our "pregnant" cow was in heat. What a complete let down. There would be no calf next spring, no milk next summer and to top it all off my bull was just a would be forever before he was old enough to breed. And you can't use just any old bull on a mini cow.

Cupid, the baby bull and he is a lover. even after we
burned his horns he wants us to scratch his sweet little chin. I'm smitten.

So, I was sitting on the flower bed watching the cows get use to their new pasture and thinking of the perfect name to call the seller when I got him on the phone. when Cody came out and sat next to me and solved all my problems.

"Don't take it so hard mom, you learned from it didn't you?"

"Son, you are talking years before we have a calf, unless I can find some one to AI her...."

"I don't think so mom. Kelly had a mini Brahma bull that he picked up at an auction somewhere. He's an ugly thing but if he still has him, he'll be small enough."
I could have kissed him but unfortunately Cody outgrew that years ago.. so I hugged him instead. Kelly does still have the bull, he laughed and laughed when I told him our story. I wish I could find the humor in it. Next Wednesday Jerling goes for a visit and hopefully she will settle. If so I will only be a few months behind schedule and the seller will be pardoned. (Maybe)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini Moo's

If you've been hanging out at our place lately you have no doubt been subjected to the Holverson version of Jack in the box's commercial about their.....Mini Sirloin burgers.................. we don't even own a T.V. but we know that commercial by heart. In fact it is playing through my head right now, quite irritating really.
The reason would be because WE HAVE THE MINI'S!!! I have been online for many moons watching mini cows, studying mini cows, craving mini cows. I even had an account set up for saving mini cow money.... until I let my boy on his dirt bike. Now, it's the Da.... Da.....Darrrrn Doctor account.
Something recently happened however that would catapult us from watching to working.
On a web site one seller was offering free delivery to certain areas and Salt Lake would be one of them. If I met them in Salt Lake it would save me over seven hours of drive time. So there I sat staring at my computer when David came up behind me...

"Mom, why don't you just buy those critters?"
"No money, honey."
"Fine, if they are the ones you want. I'll buy them."
"Way to undercut your momma, boy. that's low."
He smirks... "you can buy them from me when things settle down."

"And what if they never settle down, after all next summer is coming you know..I'm sure ya'll will find something to break!!!"

He finishes with a definite " Then I'll own some cows and they'll make me money and you milk."

I studied him hard, he was serious. So, that very night I fired off an email requesting info on MCP Cupid (bull) and Jerling (cow). The return email caused my heart to sing... Jerling was almost 3 yrs old and pregnant and Cupid was two months old. I had everything I wanted, we would be in the baby business almost immediately and the bull was young enough that we could really, really work with him trying to make him as "friendly" as possible before the hormones kicked in. AND he could deliver them to Logan ( closer than Salt Lake) in a couple of weeks.

I wrote back saying that I wasn't sure I wanted the bull, I wanted to talk to a few A.I. Guys first and then would decide if it was worth keeping my own bull. He immediately dropped $500 off the pair... smart move on my part and I wasn't even trying.

To make a long story short..(as if I am able to do that) After some serious haggling Jerling and Cupid arrived at our place three weeks ago. David bought one and the rest of the children pooled their money together and bought the other.

They have the sweetest temperament you could ever ask for in a cow. We are very grateful to the Lord for providing not only the means but the transportation for our mini moo's...... please stay tuned for part 2...