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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mini Moo's Two

This is silly. I did not invent blog world therefore I am not to blame but this is the second part about our mini cows even though it reads first...don't shoot the messenger, we all know things would be mighty different if I ran the world. until then scroll down for the first part! I guess about two weeks ago, Jerling trusted us enough to be let out to pasture. We had a few instances with her where the seller wasn't exactly truthful, one of those being her age, she was only a little over two years old. The second was we couldn't pin him down on a due date for her. I reasoned that it didn't matter. I had to take her to the vet and get her toes trimmed so I would have him check her and tell me how far along she was. Before I could do that however, we had a revelation... so to speak. I was walking around her, getting her use to being handled even though she was in a larger space. When I got around to her back side my heart just sunk. Our "pregnant" cow was in heat. What a complete let down. There would be no calf next spring, no milk next summer and to top it all off my bull was just a would be forever before he was old enough to breed. And you can't use just any old bull on a mini cow.

Cupid, the baby bull and he is a lover. even after we
burned his horns he wants us to scratch his sweet little chin. I'm smitten.

So, I was sitting on the flower bed watching the cows get use to their new pasture and thinking of the perfect name to call the seller when I got him on the phone. when Cody came out and sat next to me and solved all my problems.

"Don't take it so hard mom, you learned from it didn't you?"

"Son, you are talking years before we have a calf, unless I can find some one to AI her...."

"I don't think so mom. Kelly had a mini Brahma bull that he picked up at an auction somewhere. He's an ugly thing but if he still has him, he'll be small enough."
I could have kissed him but unfortunately Cody outgrew that years ago.. so I hugged him instead. Kelly does still have the bull, he laughed and laughed when I told him our story. I wish I could find the humor in it. Next Wednesday Jerling goes for a visit and hopefully she will settle. If so I will only be a few months behind schedule and the seller will be pardoned. (Maybe)

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