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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A friend of mine asked this morning why I didn't blog about the handicapped that live in our home. She thought it seemed quite unloving to always leave them out of the stories.
I decided to answer her here so that every one is aware of the reason.

Caring for the disabled is our family's attempt to honor God and fulfill His hospitality command. To care for the fatherless and the widow, the stranger within our gates. Our rooms are dubbed Mephibosheth rooms in honor of King David's care for Joshua's handicapped son.

We care for any stranger that the Lord chooses to send. With our eyes fastened on heaven and our feet set on earth we strive to serve the best we can. The "earth" part and the "stranger" part is where our ideals come in to trouble..... There are laws that restrict providers from talking about their clients. These laws are so vague that one could find themselves in serious trouble quite innocently.
The adults we care for are unrelated to us and unable to give us their permission to share their stories. Because of this we have chosen to avoid all discussion outside our home about our "strangers." It's really too bad because their sweet antics would provide me with much blog fodder. But, alas, it just can't be.

You will find their presence in the occasional picture or a name that does not belong on our roll call, I don't try to hide them just simply cannot bring them into the spot light. I'm thankful my friend brought this to my attention. I would never want to appear unloving. I just simply must work within the boundaries provided for me. I know you understand.

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