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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini Moo's

If you've been hanging out at our place lately you have no doubt been subjected to the Holverson version of Jack in the box's commercial about their.....Mini Sirloin burgers.................. we don't even own a T.V. but we know that commercial by heart. In fact it is playing through my head right now, quite irritating really.
The reason would be because WE HAVE THE MINI'S!!! I have been online for many moons watching mini cows, studying mini cows, craving mini cows. I even had an account set up for saving mini cow money.... until I let my boy on his dirt bike. Now, it's the Da.... Da.....Darrrrn Doctor account.
Something recently happened however that would catapult us from watching to working.
On a web site one seller was offering free delivery to certain areas and Salt Lake would be one of them. If I met them in Salt Lake it would save me over seven hours of drive time. So there I sat staring at my computer when David came up behind me...

"Mom, why don't you just buy those critters?"
"No money, honey."
"Fine, if they are the ones you want. I'll buy them."
"Way to undercut your momma, boy. that's low."
He smirks... "you can buy them from me when things settle down."

"And what if they never settle down, after all next summer is coming you know..I'm sure ya'll will find something to break!!!"

He finishes with a definite " Then I'll own some cows and they'll make me money and you milk."

I studied him hard, he was serious. So, that very night I fired off an email requesting info on MCP Cupid (bull) and Jerling (cow). The return email caused my heart to sing... Jerling was almost 3 yrs old and pregnant and Cupid was two months old. I had everything I wanted, we would be in the baby business almost immediately and the bull was young enough that we could really, really work with him trying to make him as "friendly" as possible before the hormones kicked in. AND he could deliver them to Logan ( closer than Salt Lake) in a couple of weeks.

I wrote back saying that I wasn't sure I wanted the bull, I wanted to talk to a few A.I. Guys first and then would decide if it was worth keeping my own bull. He immediately dropped $500 off the pair... smart move on my part and I wasn't even trying.

To make a long story short..(as if I am able to do that) After some serious haggling Jerling and Cupid arrived at our place three weeks ago. David bought one and the rest of the children pooled their money together and bought the other.

They have the sweetest temperament you could ever ask for in a cow. We are very grateful to the Lord for providing not only the means but the transportation for our mini moo's...... please stay tuned for part 2...

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