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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I believe the Lord gave us herbs to heal our bodies. Working with His creation around our farm, I am able to observe an animal's God given knowledge to eat certain plants for many of their ailments.

We grow most of our own herbs for our health and healing. What we cannot grow I order from Monterey Bay. I prefer to work with the whole herb rather than pills because department store herbs are very watered down and so processed that much of the healing benefit is missing by the time it reaches your home.

This year was the first year that Grace was old enough to help and understand the purpose of harvesting and processing our herbs. When we began to create our immune boosting elixir she sat wide eyed as Bethany and I chopped and mixed the herbs.

Last night her throat was scratchy and she said she was starting to feel sick so I pulled out the immune booster. Wanting to use it as a teaching moment I said "Grace, your hard work months ago is helping you to get well now.."
She replies "It sure is and for a bunch of weeds they aren't too bad!"

.............. I'll have to try harder next year............

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