Be true to who you are…..

And the family name you bear……

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lying In Green Pastures....

Is this scary?

No? Okay, how about this?

I didn't think so either.... but, my cows...... my cows, they thought differently.  You see for the last two years they had lived on a little 16 acre pasture.. In this pasture they had grown together as a herd, here they were fed hay when the grass grew short, here they birthed and raised their babies.  Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter they lived their lives and had grown VERY comfortable where they were.

Enter now our plan for rotational grazing... We had spent the entire Spring fencing the perimeter of our property and were ready to rotate the cattle to the back pasture for summer grazing.  It was beautiful.. Lush grass and hanging grape vines over head~ cow paradise~ everything they could ever want just waiting to be munched by my ladies. I was filled with excitement as I walked along making sure all was safe for them when we turned them in the next day. It was going to be perfect.

But you know.... it wasn't.

 The next day, as our entire family gathered at the fence with grain bucket in tow, the cows became nervous.

When the gate swung open wide...

they balked.

 NO cow had ever gone out into the orchard before....and here we were trying to coax them past the orchard and down the lane...

Shane, tired of their hesitation, jumped on the four wheeler and tried to shove them through.....

 the cattle scattered.

Over and over we tried different tactics. What a fiasco! Every critter on four feet was scared and every critter on two was ticked.

 I wished at that moment that I could speak cow, I knew if I could just tell them of the deep, thick grass that was growing out back they would come. I had SEEN with my own eyes, great things waiting for them but they couldn't see anything wonderful from where they stood.  All they could see was us standing there,

 the gate,

the four wheeler,

the new road...

and all of it scary.

After an hour of running in circles, I called it off for the day and decided Andrew and I would try it alone the next day.

As we walked out the next morning I explained to Andrew that we would have to take them as they came... if only one cow followed the bucket, then we'd move them one cow at a time.  Under NO circumstance were we to go back for stragglers. Under no circumstance would we yell or use the 4 wheeler.

We braced ourselves for an all day ordeal.

To my surprise when Andrew shook the grain bucket, all ears came forward.  Andrew walked straight into the herd, showing off the grain as I opened the gate. They were totally focused on the bucket and on Drew. One cow stuck her head in the bucket and started a shoving match with another... Low and slow I say to Andrew "Run, Son."

Turning his back as if to hide the grain, he calls " C'mon cows!" and off he ran like a bullet from a gun, through the orchard gate and up the lane just as fast as he could go. (You would too if you had nineteen 1,200 pound animals running after you ;).  Everyone followed, oblivious to where they were,  focused only on the bucket and Andrew. Up the trail and to the back they went.

Only when they had eaten all the grain did they stop to look around at their new surroundings, surprised at where they were, they began to eat and rest in the lush grass.  Life became so simple when we all had the right focus.

Stuuuuuuupid cows right?  Let me ask you something.....

How is it with you, Christian?  

When the LORD asks you to follow Him, where do your eyes turn?  To the circumstances around you?  The strangeness?  The people watching?  To the unknown?

Do you understand, He has seen the other side.  He has complete view of the path, He's even walked it to make sure it is safe..  more than that he promises to lead you without fear if you will only turn your eyes on Him.....

Ride on, ride on triumphantly,
Thou glorious Son ride on!
Thy faithful children bravely take
The road that Thou hast gone..

I have no cares, O blessed Christ!
For all my cares are Thine;
I live in triumph, Lord!
For Thou hast made Thy triumphs mine.