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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cookin' Pumpkin...

This is a reprint from Beth and Grace's blog a few years back.  We do things a little different now. like use a blender instead of a potato masher, the family has grown and we have to put up more than we use to, the blender speeds things up a bit. Also, now that we have moved to a longer growing season we have tried other squash. The Georgia Candy is still our favorite! 

Monday, October 12, 2009

Time for Pumpkin Muffins

For Pumpkin muffins we prefer not to use true pumpkin, it is too stringy. This one is a Georgia Candy Roaster, a squash, we were not sure when we bought the seeds if it would grow here because it requires 120 days and that is a little longer than our season allows. But I am glad we tried because it is a sweet and very good tasting squash. Other squash we use are hubbard, banana, or acorn. We grow tons of pumpkins and squash for our livestock so there is always a lot to choose from.

First you need to cut it in half and scrape out all the seeds. Then put it face down on a rimmed baking sheet and bake at 400*  until it is tender.

Once the squash is cooked all the way through the shell will pull off easily.

cut the squash into chunks then use a potato masher until the squash is creamy.
Then you can use it in any recipe that calls for canned pumpkin. If you have left over squash you can freeze it, we usually don't. I will post my recipe for pumpkin muffins as soon as I get a chance. They make the best breakfast on a crisp morning with a mug of spiced cider.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yesterday my washer kicked it... I bawled. I HATE buying appliances. they cost too much, never work like promised and never ever, ever last long at our house...

Shane came home, tried to hide his laughter as I bawled and loads me up in the truck headed for Lowes... Soon we meet "The Salesman"..  if there is anything I hate more than buying appliances it is dealing with salesmen.  He was a young kid, full of energy and he started right in with his spill wanting to tell me all the great features that each machine boasts........ I couldn't stand it so two minutes in to his recital ~ I interrupt~

look... I'm short on time and I only care about clean clothes so if you have one that has a

 'hey mom! these coveralls with two day old crusty cow poop on 'em might need washed.. feature'

or a

 ' I've been trimming the feet of and vaccinating rutting goats all that bill is rank! feature'

or even a

 'Mom!  104* is sure hot to be putting up fence,  do you think you can get the B.O. outta my shirt? feature'.........

Then I'll take it, other wise you might just have to step back and let me look!" 

the way the salesman  paused made me hopeful that they might have my dream machine but as Shane gently cleared his throat and indicated I was being a little harsh ~I realized that my salesman was simply trying to keep his lunch down.....

Shane asks "What is the best value for the money?" I roll my eyes... the best value is me and a rock on the river bank but then again I bet I could even wear out a rock...  it was enough, however, for the salesman to regain his footing and off he leads to find my washer.

We settled on a whirlpool.... I think.  We brought that bad boy home and the very first load it flashes a little light "sensing"...... I stood there flustered "WHAT IS SENSING????" apparently it is like "getting in touch with your inner self" for washing machines.  It takes a whole five minutes to determine if the load is distributed correctly and adjust it if necessary. I'm not impressed.... "Honey, there had better be a way to turn off your little yoga session or this is going to be a strained relationship...NOBODY gets a five minute break around here before they even start working!"

So today I am taking my owners manual with me while the children are at the dentist, we can both be tortured at the same time. But I also, think I will start taking bets... My last washer was purchased  March 13th 2010  after I washed a pocket full of BB's and tore up the older one beyond repair.  So I made it two and a half years this time.... Here is how it will work, each participant kicks in $5 and guesses the date I will have to replace this new washing machine. The one who is closest to the date wins!! And the best part is, the lucky winner will have the privilege of donating all his winnings to me and my quest..... the quest for the long lasting washing machine.=).... if only energizer would build one...