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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My Sparky

We are still stuck in the boy's rooms upstairs. This part is over 100 yrs old. I probably already told you that. There were only two makeshift plug ins and one space heater up there. Here Shane is putting in more outlets before we insulate.

There comes a time in every Do It Yourself project when it is just no longer fun.... I hit that point this weekend. The good news is we are over half way now and things should start picking up from here. Did you hear my chuckle?

When we got all the old insulation tore down we found so much trash behind the walls... It amounted to another entire pickup truck load to the dump. It wasn't from the old boys either, it had to have been a remodel mess and they just walled it all up. It gave us an idea though, we are going to make a time capsule, there are huge spaces behind the wall and before we close them back up we will put it in.... what kind of things would be fun?

And then there was the 220 wire... We had decided to cut back a wall that divided the two rooms so it would look more open. Well, because the house was built before there was electricity all wires have been stuffed and crammed in weird places to try and conceal them.
Conceal them they did. Shane was cutting out the Studs with a saws all and suddenly there was a bright light ~ not heavenly mind you~ and the next thing I knew I was running around putting out burning cinders. He is so blessed that it didn't fry him.......

We spent the next two hours chasing the wire in the walls so we could replace it. I got to hang out in 100 yr old dust and mouse carcasses ~charming! It was enough to make a Saint swear but unfortunately there were no Saints, only us sinners and things got a little mouthy for a while. When we finished he said "There! Now that's done." I smirk "Yeah, we're right back where we started." He didn't find that too funny so I just patted his cheek and said " You light up my life, baby." He got back to cutting studs.

Tonight he is bringing home the mesh to mesh the studs. We had to fer them out another inch and a half to give enough depth for good insulation.

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