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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Zacky ~D

Please keep Zachary in your prayers for the next few days. He and his dad left this morning for Boise where he will have surgery tomorrow. He has not healed right since his bike accident on Mother's day and a specialized specialist will be reconstructing his arm. This is Zac after the accident.. The arm is twisting and causing him some pain. As in the picture below if you watch him he does everything two handed. His right hand should be the dominate one. He's such a great guy, never complained about it, just simply figured out how to work around it.
But he can't work around it forever. The longer it goes the more deformed it will become. Please pray they will get it right this time and that God will heal him quickly. Also, please pray that his fingers don't lock up. His body produces vast amounts of scar tissue. This scar tissue freezes up all the tendons to his fingers...translated to mean LOTS of physical therapy. And while I'm begging for prayers here I guess I'll add the last one. Boise, is a four to five hour trip, please pray we can have follow up visits with a local doctor.

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  1. I'm so glad they are back home safe and sound... :). Prayers for his arm to heal correctly!
    Was sooo good to see you on Christmas Eve.
    Love you!