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Thursday, December 31, 2009

T & G

Well, as usual I got these in here backward! I cannot grasp how to load pictures. We have put the last piece of Tongue and Groove on!!!! That ledge on the stairwell is for a book shelf!! We NEVER have enough shelf space. Now, to trim the windows, sand, spray the finish and then carpet!!!!
When it's all listed out like that is sounds like a lot left to do..... but after the T & G sitting in our basement for two years, I'd say we are well on our way.

Do you have any idea how much this dinky little door cost?
Try double the price a a full size! Just made me sick.

"Honey, quit taking my picture!"


  1. ohh so glad your finished with this part, whose room will it be when it is finished

  2. All the boys sleep up there. We call it the bunk house. LOL.

  3. Your sweet hubby did good with your Valentine present! Wow!!! And how thoughtful. I think he loves you. :-)

  4. Wow! I think he loves you. That's so beautiful!!!