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And the family name you bear……

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, it finally warmed up enough to snow and snow and snow and snow!
Now, I have to give the credit for these pictures to Shane,
I'm too much of a whanny when it comes to snow and cold.
Run to the barn check the babies and
back to the house is about all I can do.

My poor picnic table.....dreaming of warmer days....

My trap line is around here somewhere!


  1. ohh man NOW that is snow...what we got was not snow compared to that...ROFL...I have to laugh about shoveling snow, we never shovel snow, it melts too fast to shovel it..ROFL

  2. I am SOOOOO moving to Arkansas! And I think with the promise of not having to shovel boys will go for it! LOL!