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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have you ever wondered....

Why the Lord moves the way he does? I know, who am I to question? Right? But sometimes I am just amazed.

I thought last year I had a pretty rough year. My son wrecked his dirt bike, leaving me and my "precious time" at the mercy of doctors, surgeons, physical therapists etc.. By any standards the fact that my son walks and talks is nothing more than God's ultimate show of love for me. But was I thankful? Yes, with lip service..but in my heart I had a pity party. Add to that my aging grandparents who are really my parents, an alcoholic mother, pay cuts, ........ and whine, whine, whine.... yes, this year I was singing the blues.

Until one day, a small comment appeared on my blog. From that comment began a friendship and for me a life changing , attitude adjusting experience that I will never forget.

I want you to meet my friend, Cindy.

The Lord took one of Cindy's boys to heaven, last January.

John, was 14.....

Which of your children just popped into your head? Did you jump up and run to hug them? Yeah, me too. See this entire year I've been hugging and hanging on to my children more. I've been praying and thanking God at the end of each day that I was given that day. And my thankfulness, because of Cindy's story, has been more than lip service.

If ever there was clay being used by the Potter, it would be dear Cindy. I have read her broken posts and seen God's mercy and grace shine through her in a way I cannot explain. The path He chose for her causes me to cringe but She walks it daily...... and her light shines around to those of us who hide and hope that we will never be called to serve in such a way.

Her story is painful but every day she gets up and carries on....I often wonder if I could do the same. I'm pretty certain I could not.

Cindy, graciously, has given me a lemonade award for my blog. She was to give it to blogs that have an attitude of gratitude. Those who take the lemons in life and turn them into lemonade.
I was touched. But she is the ultimate "lemonade maker". I in turn was to give it to ten other blogs....I only follow nine and four of them are hers. Instead I will give it back to her, and encourage you to check out her blogs... I have posted one link and from there you can enter all the others. I promise it will be time well spent. I promise you will be blessed.

Thank you Cindy.

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  1. ahhh you made me cry with your sweet words, I am just a regular mom, trying to make it thru the storms of life. Some days are better than others. I love you and admire you greatly, I thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. John's death has brought people into my life that I dont know if I would have ever met otherwise.