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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fifteen Minutes

Do you remember the old saying..........I can't either.....
It goes something along the lines of everyone having their 15 minutes of fame? Well, it's been a busy year of fame for my guys.

It started with Shane working on a DIY house in Montana..
"The Ultimate Sportsman's Retreat" built by the owners of the DIY network. I had a hard time picturing the owners as ultimate sportsman. But I guess if it is your show you can call it what ever you want. This show was somewhat of a challenge for me, Shane would come home every night and ask me how it felt to be sleeping with a movie was all I could do to not take a pin and deflate his head.

For weeks and weeks he was filmed while he kicked cabinets, cut his finger, and got shocked rewiring a sparky's mistake. Yes, it was all there. Oh! and a lot of non mistakes too. Sorry, baby.

We don't have T.V. so I was unable to see it when it first aired but the DVD's were loaned to us last week. Honey, you look awful sexy on the big screen.....

Then it was the boy's turn. Now here! We have the Ultimate Sportsman! They were asked to take Jarrod Scott from "Jarrod Scott Outdoors" along on their trap lines for a local view of trapping. They were so cute! Ahh, they cringe when I use that word.

A trapper wouldn't be a trapper without a trappers hat so I had bought them each one for Christmas. I had to chuckle a little as they stood there in front of the camera with those big old hats and coveralls. Rednecks ~R~ US. Then there is the issue of them being so shy, being on a camera was very painful for them. I couldn't tell at times if they were excited or sick about it.

My favorite part of the whole show, however, is when they catch the biggest coon they have ever caught.... and suddenly the world stops. There is no longer a guy behind a camera, no longer hundreds of people who are going to be watching.....just the moment and Cody and David want to share it with their dad.

Cody begins stuttering... he has had a speech problem from birth, (in fact, there was a time I was told that he would be so profoundly retarded that I should consider an abortion ~but that is another post).

Thousands of dollars and just as many hours of speech therapy can be completely overrode in one split second of excitement, and there was more than a split second here... "Dad, daddy, dad?!" Cody takes a breath "Do you see the size of this coon, dad, daddy,daddy?" Now of course, Shane has not forgotten that the camera is still rolling so he quietly says "Yes, son, he's huge." But that is not good enough, Cody and David want him up there. They want Shane to stand beside them and LOOK at the coon and share their moment.

It touches my heart because there are many teens who wouldn't be caught dead with their parents. And here, the first person my sons think of is their dad. The Lord has blessed us with wonderful relationships with our children. I am ever so grateful. Oh, our family has it's moments, moments of disagreements and tiffs. We'd be a mighty boring lot if we all thought the same. But the friendship, the underlying support that permeates my family leaves me in awe of the Lord's goodness toward me.

In fact there isn't fifteen minutes of it I'd trade for anything in the world.

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