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Monday, December 21, 2009


We insulated the boy's bed rooms this weekend. Shane said
" I haven't done this since high school... I may be a little rusty, there may be a mess........" "It'll be okay" says I.... Oh, good Lord! I have never seen more of a mess. One time he actually turned to talk to me and the hose pulled out of the mesh and he completely buried me in insulation! Our storage attic backs up to the boy's attic rooms and the 100 yr old wall separating them gave way and he buried all my storage stuff. NY may be whining about their little old two foot of snow but I'd like to see them dig out of seven foot of insulation.
The hose of terror!

David filling the hopper, oblivious to the chaos he is feeding. See the buckets? Cody and I were hauling spilled insulation down to be reloaded with the vague hope that it would end up in the right place aka: the wall! this time.

Cody making another trip. Hose of terror in the back ground.

What a dirty, dirty day! I don't know what the regular insulation crew gets paid but I guarantee it is not enough! At least it wasn't fiberglass. Praise God that part is done!!!
And honey, it'll be okay....

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