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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Make a Joyful Noise

1901. The year our "blessing piano" was made. I had a gentleman out today to tune it and he was able to look up the manufacturing date for me. A century of music.....The piano that has blessed a century of souls now stands in my living room. It stands as a testimony, the Israelites and their red sea have no miracles over me.

We had prayed for a piano for years as a family, I wanted my home to be graced with the sound of worshipful music. I remember about nine years ago our church was giving away a piano and a girlfriend of mine who had an older daughter received it. She felt bad, "Shelly, I wish they had two..." but I wasn't worried. Bethany was still just a babe in arms. Most piano teachers like to have their students begin lessons after they have learned to read fairly well, around age eight.
I had plenty of time.

Time....His perfect time.

It was a year ago in November ( five months before Bethany turned eight). Bob, our neighbor, needed some help in moving his daughters furniture as she was getting new carpet. One of the items they needed to move was a piano, an Upright Grand, it was heavy and hard to move. Bob turned to his daughter and said " Kami, why don't you just get rid of that thing. Nobody plays it." Then turning to Shane asked "Do you want it? I'll give it to you."

I try to imagine the look on Shane's face. After all, we had prayed for a piano forever, yes we wanted it! Yet, it was so sudden and obviously hadn't been discussed before hand, maybe Kami didn't want to give it up?

It was decided that Kami would think about it for a few days and if she didn't want the piano we would take it. Shane came home and told me not to get my hopes up but...... but nothing! I was dancing around the kitchen singing praises to my King! I knew I was once again the spoiled daughter and out of the blue he had supplied the need with out the money. About three weeks later, I was moving furniture and inquiring about lessons for Bethany.

Jerry, the piano tuner, was impressed. It was in remarkable shape. Of course it was, I can see the Lord guiding a workers hands. "Make it tight, build it to last. For a hundred years from now I have a family who will need it."

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