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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Magic of a Tree

There is tree, out in the back yard that never has been broken by the wind..... but by a swing set? Now that's another story. Our neighbor tells of a small tornado that ripped through our back yard about two years before we moved in. The tornado picked up the old owners swing set and landed it right in the middle of our tree. I think it is wonderful because as the tree healed it left a huge crotch in the middle. Perfect for a youngsters hide away. With the help of twine, clothes pins, blankets and a little imagination. The tree becomes a hiding place for a tea party, a civil war brigade, persecuted Christians or simply reading a good book.
I guess I should also mention that animals have been "hunted" with rubber band guns from the hidden limbs as well. One day as I passed under it on my way to the garden I heard in Andrew's best twang "Hold it right there little lady, I've got ya in my cross hairs."
To which I respond. "Well, go ahead and shoot if you think you can run fast enough."
Again from the hidden voice in the leaves " Yes, ma'am I see here you are allowed to pass by order of the King, you may proceed." Smart boy.

Sigh, I wish I trusted myself to climb up there and spend an afternoon with them.. I guess it isn't the climb up that I fear but the trip down. If I fell, they'd just have to dig a hole right there and roll me into it.

Hearthsong sells a pulley with a bucket for an ungodly amount of money....I have always wanted them to have one but could never justify the price..... I felt a twinge of guilt when my girls created their own for free.


  1. I have enjoyed your blog (I followed it from your post on HT about your article in Country Side) I enjoy reading about your boys, my John (who died in January) sounds very similar to your boys. My Jarrod who is 16 and a Jr in high school this year is more into video games and inside stuff, although he does love to hunt. Thanks for sharing.
    God Bless Your Family
    Cindy (aka ArkansasLady)

  2. Ah, if you get up the tree, then you'll HAVE to figure out how to get down, right? Maybe that's why I get into so many scrapes...I do what I have an impulse to do, then figure out how I'm going to get out of it...sometimes it's really not much fun getting out of it, but I'm still standin' :-). Loving your posts, gorgeous sister!

  3. Yes, my dear, YOU are the brave one! I admire you for that.