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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Enter into His Gates with Thanksgiving

My new home is little... for months on end that has been the only word that I have found to describe it, and as unintentional as it was I had become like the stiff necked Jews when the Lord led them from Egypt into the promised land. Ungrateful..

Oh, I never out and out griped about my little house but I always found myself saying things like "The girls and I are use to having miles of counter top...bumping elbows while we cook is something new for us." Or how about this one.. "I had three living rooms at our old house" as the visitor steps around a lego city that was constructed in my only (gasp) living room. Ah yes, pride glorious pride....

Sigh... I don't know sometimes why the Lord puts up with me. Lately, however, I have felt something change inside. I feel that peace... I love that peace.

The menfolk are in Idaho. Andrew drew a ram tag before we left so they are there seeing if they can't fill it, that and bringing me back IDAHO potatoes, since these things hauled in from Maine are proving unfit to eat. :)

While they hunt the girls and I always have a list of domestic duties we want to get accomplished. Usually canning, sewing, decorating and such. The list always includes window washing as well. Going into winter we need to allow as much light into the home as possible. This year the task (one of my least favorite) was finished inside and out in less than two hours...unheard of, normally it would have taken all day and an entire bottle of Tylenol!! The girls and I spent the rest of the day playing on the deer trails in our wooded pastures and picking nuts.. As I tucked myself in bed later that night I was praising God for the wonderful day we had spent and it was only then that I realized... I was praising him for my little house.
My little house sits back in the woods of our property, I can see no other house around or see the cars that may travel down our dirt road. Today I went out and milked my cow in my p.j.'s and no one knew. I buried my face in the side of my cow and breathed deep of sweet grass and leather as I rejoiced at being completely alone. Life is good. My little house has hardwood floors (what I have always wanted), a wood burning stove to keep it toasty warm, a library for our books, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

I am blessed indeed.

Oh, don't mistake me for perfect. I still have a honey do list that includes new cabinets and wainscoting and ~oh don't get me started~ BUT, I am finally at home in my llittle home and I am grateful in my heart that God, as always, is good.

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