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Monday, November 25, 2013

Taking Dominion.....

When the Lord created Adam, He gave the earth to him with the 
command to subdue and have dominion over it. 
What we learn from scriptures is that Adam, through sin, then turned the earth
over to Satan and things became hard... very hard.

One thing that didn't change, however, was the command of
subduing and taking dominion.
When we moved here three years ago, that command took
on a new meaning in a very physical way.

I love our property.  We have sixty acres, forty of it wooded.....
I love our trees, I love the seclusion.  
Cows, on the other hand, cannot live on trees alone. =) 
Our family has spent the past three years cutting trees, building fences and 
seeding pastures.  Leaving trees to keep our seclusion but 
opening spaces for the cattle to graze.
It is a blessing because the results have been beautiful. Yet, at times it
is exhausting as our task is still far from over.  I once told the boys
"Just think, when your children are born, this will all be clear and they will
have it easy."   To which Drew promptly replies "Na~ah! I'm going to buy 
at least thirty for them to clear just because it'll be good for them!" =)

One day in June, while we were cleaning out the holler next to the house, 
Shane pulled me up the hill saying "Come here, I want to show you something."
As we stood on the hill, he reminded me of a child at Christmas.  Excitedly he 
pointed out a perfect spot for a pond and how the natural curve of the holler 
would give it a beautiful shape. As we talked, the children, one by one, set
down their chainsaw or took off their gloves and joined us on the hill.

That day it was decided ~ we would sell our pontoon boat
 and use the money to build our pond. We mapped out a
place for a dock and possibly a gazebo.  We decided what size john 
boat it would hold and then took the rest of the day off!
I am not sure what made them happier, the thought of growing
 their own catfish or the idea that we no longer had to cut trees in this area.
A dozer would be needed and could make light work where it had been heavy.

Shane hired Charlie.  To explain our relationship with Charlie and his 
little wife Carole would take a complete blog post for itself.
Short to say we love them to pieces!
And Charlie, well, Charlie makes dozer work look easy.
I didn't get anything done while he was here.
Just stood at the fence watching him transform our hillside.

The pond will be deep and steep on the dyke side. 
 More shallow and gradual on the opposite side.

The dyke is wide enough to drive across, 
allowing easier access to the back side of the pasture from the barn.
just take it slow over the spillway.

(above)The opposite side of the pond and the gradual slope. 
I should have taken a picture with someone standing in the bottom.
These pictures do not show the depth or width as it ought.
(Pictured below) the slag piles have been burned
 and thanks to the Autumn rains it is filling.

Filling up and muddy!  We are so excited to start
growing our own catfish and bass next year!
Also, because I can hardly contain myself ~ Shane and I were standing
at the fence looking at the pond
and I said " a pond that pretty requires a weeping willow"
 he answers "Sure, it'll be a great place for snakes to hide."
I punch his arm "I'll take that as a yes, and...." (proceed cautiously here)
 "It could use a Brandywine crab-apple..." silence...
 Shane does NOT like crab-apple trees and I have wanted a
 Brandywine for at least six years or better..
"Well then, woman, you'd better get one ordered."
At first I doubted my ears but then it sunk in and I took that as a yes too!
I ordered one the next day and have kept my mouth shut.
I'm not taking any chances on him changing his mind
after the warm and fuzzy of the moment wore off! =)

 I know it's sinful to wish your life away, but come on April, I can't wait to get that tree planted.
I love the rose shaped flowers!
I'll continue to post pictures as the pond fills and the landscaping takes place!

*disclaimer, the pictures of the Brandywines are not mine..sigh, they were taken by someone else who 
is already blessed to have one and posted pictures on the internet. 
Thank you, whoever you are for helping to feed my addiction....

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  1. I don't know that I have seen a brandywine... But I love weeping willows!! Can't wait to see these trees! ;-)