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Thursday, April 6, 2017

As long as ye do well...

I have been reading a little book by Genevieve White titled "Daughters of Sarah".  I love this quote from the "Our Heritage" chapter...

"If we are wishy-washy in our obedience towards God and disrespectful toward our husband's place of authority in the home we create confusion in the minds of our children.

Children need to know that God designated fathers as the head of the home.  I believe they do know it instinctively. They will respect his position if they see that their mother respects his position.  If they see their mother obey their father and submit to his authority, they will be obedient children. If a child sees a constant tug of war over issues in the family and sees Mother winning out, disrespect for Dad's authority will result.  If Mother is setting the rules for the family, disrespect between father and child will be created.

If Mother allows a child to do things Dad doesn't permit behind his back (such as, watching certain T.V. shows, purchasing certain clothing *even if only worn in the home or saved for when dad is not around*, eating certain foods, going to certain places etc...) she is contributing to that child's lack of respect for his/her father.

If a wife is living in submission to her husband "as unto the Lord" child rearing will be a joy."


Wives submit yourself unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.  Eph 5:22

Do you believe the bible is the holy word of God?

Do you desire to live it?

Then submission will be part of your life..

You must live what you say... If you want your children to take their fathers council.  If you want your children to respect and obey their father, you must do so yourself.  Children are not fooled. They live with you day in and day out.  They hear what you say... and what you don't.  Believe me when I say this... more is caught than taught.

Rebellion in the heart of a child will first be found in the heart of a Mother.. we must get this right, ladies.

God's word goes on to tell us in 1 Peter 3:4  that a meek and quiet spirit is an ornament and one of great price in the sight of God...

so does meek mean door mat?  No.

let me give you a perfect definition of meek.

Meekness is the silent submission of the soul to the 'providence' of God concerning us. ~ Matthew Henry

Meekness is calm confidence, settled assurance, and rest of the soul.  It is the tranquil stillness of a heart that is at rest in Christ.  It is the place of peace.  Meekness springs from the heart of humility, radiating the fragrance of Christ.  ~Nancy DeMoss Wolgermuth

When you obey God by submitting to your husband with a meek and quiet spirit, God makes it His business to be your defender. He protects the obedient.  Your submission to your husband is your submission to God. (Ephesians 6:7,8)

God honors that.

God honors that in your marriage and your testimony to the lost.

God honors that in your children. Their relationship with you, their father and most importantly Himself.

When you stand in defiance of your husband (even quietly)  you become clamorous (Proverbs 9:13).. odious (Proverbs 30:23).

God cannot honor sin.

You marriage will no longer give life but rather suck life out of those around it.

And your children will follow their leader in rebellion... you.

Does that mean "if he beats me I should stay?" No. God has placed authority over your husband, if your husband is truly abusing you or your children,  you have the right to contact law enforcement  and allow them to move as God sees fit.  But if you perceive a harsh word or lack of attention as abuse, then you need to examine your heart.  Selfish desires have no place at the marriage table.

God save us

from being clamorous.

from being odious.

from being silly women laden with sins.

God help us

to be crowns

to be virtuous

to be submissive.

The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he will have no need of spoil.  She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.

Let us do well, without fear.

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