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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Over the last year, the word "hedgehog" has been one of the most used words in our home... second, I believe, only to the word "chicken".  And "chicken" wins only because at diverse times people other than Grace use it... such as. "hey memaw, what's for dinner?"  and I will reply "chicken."  It's close people, very very close.

Grace has never been big on academics, she's a natural kid.. arts and animals.  But her hedgehog obsession has done wonders for her desire to learn.  She had a jar to keep her money in and ran a strict budget, shopping on line and buying things as they came on sale.  She kept a ledger of all her funds.  She read articles and visited websites to study hedgehogs and then gave oral reports on her hedgehog findings to anybody willing to listen.

Did you know there are 17 species of hedgehog?  She only studied 9 because the rest were ugly.

Did you know a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle?

Did you know baby hedgehogs are born with a layer of skin holding down their quills and the mother then cleans it off allowing the spikes to be exposed?  Don't you think that momma hedgehog is thankful that the Lord thought of such things?

She made lists and graphs and charts of foods (good and bad), of colors and characteristics, of what she would accept and what she would not accept as far as looks and temperament.

An entire year of saving and planning.

So on Tuesday when she got home from the berry farm and added her wages to her jar you can imagine the excitement that ensued when she found out she finally had enough to buy her critter.

Wednesday morning, after chores, we cleaned up and headed for town.  Half way there my phone died (I always forget to charge that thing)  and we had no gps.  I was ready to turn back but she was determined we would make it.  

"We must look at this as an adventure." she tells me.

suicide... I'm thinking it's suicide.  I can't find my way out of my driveway on a good day.

But, crazy enough we found the pet store.

They had one hedgehog.


who just happened to be the perfect color, the perfect age, and almost the perfect temperament...

She is standing in the middle of the store holding this little hissing, spitting, ball of spikes and turns to me with eyes so big  "do you want to hold him, memaw?"  I'm thinkin' ... I'd rather run my bare arms through a thicket of blackberry bramble, I'm good.

The last requirement was that he had to have a black nose because they were the cutest... she rolled that little ball around until she could see inside his cocoon and when I heard her muffled squeal, I knew he passed and we headed home.

The entire ride home was chatter..

"He's spikier than I thought he would be..."

"sis, he's a mini porcupine!"

"Not really, they are not related,  I told you this already. and I know, I just thought he would smooth down better. Maybe after he trusts me...."

"I think he is a four-toed hedgehog, I will have to post his picture and ask someone.. I hope he is."

"why don't you just count his toes?"

(blond moment pause)

"Oh. yeah.. (counting) HE IS! a four-toed hedgehog!"


So after a year of plotting and planning the Holverson family has a new addition. His name is Tibbers and surprisingly he has warmed up to Grace pretty quick...although, I'm not sure that he has a choice.

now, how am I going to keep her interested in math and reading???


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