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Friday, June 26, 2009


I told Zachary that he love his dad more than me.... On mother's day he busted himself all to pieces and the Friday before Father's day he had his last surgery. So he was in great shape to celebrate.
Boy, it has been a rough go with him. All of the skin around the cut died and we had to go to therapy seven days a week for three weeks. The therapists reminded me of vultures as they sat there with scalpels and tweezers picking at his arm ~removing all the dead until it bled. Bleeding is good, I was told because that means there is life. Also, he ( like all the others) builds too much scar tissue and locked up all of his tendons so we had to stretch and bend like crazy just so he could regain use of his fingers.

That is all behind us now, and we are looking forward to the rest of the summer. He still has nerve damage on the surface of his arm ~he has no feeling ~ but that still may heal and if not it is not so tragic.
He asked the doctor if he could get back on his bike. He was told not until the stitches were removed in two weeks.

What a blessing just to see him smiling and happy. Ah, it does my heart good!

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