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Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!

What a beautiful weekend!! Sunshine and blue skies. I was in heaven. We had such a perfect time of fellowship with each other. Boating and fishing. A wonderful meal out by the fire pit, followed by Cody and David treating us to an awesome firework display. My daughters are budding botanists and entomologists. They, like their brothers, take a great delight in God's creation. One of them took this picture. Grace says when she grows up she wants to farm bumblebees with her husband.....
I'll bet they are hard to brand.
Grace listens intently to her daddy.

Chef David carves the watermelon... okay, so the man doesn't cook BUT if there is a sharp knife involved you can get him to do anything! By the way, when I asked how he got the hole in his shirt, he replied "from flexing my muscles..." . love ya, son.

Sneaking down a flowery walk, I spied two fair maidens....

Rire Reservoir.
Soaking in the sunshine.

Bethany and Cody hanging on for dear life. Well, Bethany was.
Cody said it wasn't wild enough.
That boy, out fishes everybody!

I think my favorite part of the whole day was late that night after the food and the fireworks. Sparklers were lit for the younger one. As they danced in and out of the trees and around the back side of the garden the only thing you could see was the sparklers fluttering along like giant fireflies. The only thing to be heard was their silvery laughter.
There is no movie or symphony in the world that would compare.
It was perfect.

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