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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When cross the lines of forty North
And fifty-fourteen West
There rolls a wild and greedy sea
With death upon it's crest.
No stone or wreath from human hands
Will ever mark the spot.
where fifteen hundred men went down,
but Manhood perished not!

Old ocean takes but little heed
Of human tears and woe
No shafts adorn the ocean graves,
Nor weeping willows grow.
Nor is there need of marble slab
To keep in mind the spot
Where noble men went down to death,
But Manhood perished not!

Those men who looked on death and smiled,
And trod the crumbling deck.
Have saved much more than precious lives
From out that awful wreck.
Thou countless joys and hopes and fears
Were shattered at a breath.
T'was something that the name of Man
Did not go down to death.

'T'is not and easy thing to die,
E'en in open air
twelve hundred miles from home and friends,
In a shroud of black despair.
A wreath to crown the brow of man
And hide a former blot
Will ever blossom o'er the waves
where Manhood perished not.
~Harvey F. Thew

Can you guess what we did? Finally! We visited the Titanic exhibit. It was long over due. Last spring we studied a little of the Titanic with the intent of visiting the museum as one of our final activities. When Zac had his accident we never finished school. There is a confession from a homeschooling mom for you! So have been finishing it up in bits and pieces. They wouldn't let me take pictures. But it was fun anyway. The children were really excited because the book we studied from was actually on display ( an older copy) at the museum. They had replica's of the bed chambers, everyone with out exception mentioned how the first class was treated like royalty and the second and third class, well......not so much. At the beginning they gave us each a ticket with a real passengers name on it, it told what class we traveled and who we traveled with. Then at the end we got to look on a wall that listed those who survived and perished in each class. I did not survive. Cody and his wife both perished. In fact I think Bethany and Shane were the only two who survived the trip. It was a sobering experience to witness so many lives lost from so many different walks of life..... but all was not lost, the poem above we memorized and it is a testimony to the true character of men at that time.

The rich and poor meet together:

The Lord is maker of them all.

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