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Monday, July 20, 2009

Canyon Area

This was what I had looked forward to for months.
As we started the decent
Shane turned toward me and said
"three eights of a mile, are you okay with that?"
I smirk. What does he think I am?
Guess he forgot to add the part that it dropped 600 feet in that three eights of a mile!!
And I didn't think about the three eights of a mile hike back up!
I nearly died!

No relief from the heat anywhere.

That poor guy sure needs his hooves trimmed. Any volunteers?

From the upper falls, the color was just unreal.

The crew all made it and are still smiling!

another canyon view.
The only part that was disappointing was the visitors center for the canyon. They had a video on the park and in the video the speaker was talking about microscopic life living in the acidic and extremely hot conditions of the pools. "Scientists" say that this life form was identical to the life form that we evolved from. Then he had the nerve to say "isn't it ironic that our earlier life form can survive in these hostile conditions
but our modern form cannot."
All I could think was "what "educated" person wrote this?????"
Would all the decendents of an acid dwelling worm
please raise your hand?
......didn't think so.
Do yourself a favor if you visit the Park ~spend that
fifteen minutes on something worthwile.
When God said he hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise....truer words were never spoken. And if this is how a smart man explains himself.......... Lord, keep me stupid.

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