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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Visiting West Yellowstone

Shane asked me this Spring if I wanted to go through West Yellowstone?
I said "don't you think we should wait until the children are older?"
I wanted to spend a lot of time in the canyon area studying and that is quite a hike.
As he stood looking at the boys towering over me he asked
"How much older do you want them to get?" So, off we went.
I am glad we did not wait.
For some unexplainable reason as the children grow older so do I. It was me the canyon hike about killed. Although Grace, out of sympathy for her mother said she thought it was a hard hike too. What a beautiful day. We arrived so early in the morning that the mist was very heavy,
it made it hard to see much the first little while.

The paint pots.

Wild flowers abound in the park.

The paint pots are amazing. So many colors and
I couldn't believe how deep they were.

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