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Friday, April 2, 2010


Ladies, I know I am a married woman but I am afraid my heart has wandered!  

Sing it with me....fourteen quarts at a tiiiiiiiiime and it didn't cost me a diiiiiiiime...... LOL!

Well, now that is not actually true.  it cost me $30.  I was on amazon the other day and saw that they had the All American 14 qt. listed for $230.  I have been canning for the past decade with two 7qt cookers at once and I just thought "Hmmm, I wonder if I could get enough out of my two to pay for one?"

So I posted them on Craigs list just to see.  One was at $150 and the other at $50.  My $150 sold right off the bat ~but the other had me sweating and didn't sell the first week.  I kept thinking "Oh Lord, I sold my best one and now I am going to be stuck running small batches all fall on my Presto."  BUT the second week a gal came and snatched it up too.  I took my  $200 and mooched another $30 from my man and well, as they say  "lived happily ever after" .LOL!

I was tempted while on there to get the 19qt.  After all I have one smaller cooker down cellar that I could have sold too. :) But decided that the sheer weight of  cooker, water and 19 full qts of food would just pulverize my little old stove. The poor thing is abused enough, after all I own it.

So anyway, if you pass my house tonight and hear someone inside singing praises in her'll know it's me again the spoiled daughter of the King.

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