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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shells' Angels.......

Have you ever seen such a pack of ruffians?  It is official!! The boys were paid for last years pipe and the final bike is nestled safely in the garage.  They want to put graphics on their bike to make them personal... their name on one side and they couldn't decide what to put on the other.  I threw in my two cents..."Shells' Angels".  You have never heard such a groan.  I think I should have a little input, after all I am the one who had them up and in the field before 5a.m. for the past four summers. But alas, that doesn't seem to matter....

I did want to share a sweet story about the boys though,  then I am sure you'll think they are Shells' angels too.  When I went up to tell them goodnight on the day they bought the last bike, I could hear them jabbering excitedly.  I expected to find when I got up there they would be talking about how they would never touch another pipe and sleep in for the rest of their summers but what I heard both surprised me and warmed my heart....

Me: What's up gentlemen?
Boy: Mom? do you think we could earn enough to buy two of those little Jap 4wheelers in one summer?
Me: I guess so.....why?
Boy:  Could you afford two helmets?
Me: WHY?
Boys all at once:  We were thinking that you and dad are saving money for more land, and so we know you cannot do it .  But we could, if we haul just one more summer, we could get the girls each a little 4wheeler.  But they would have to be purple and pink!  We wouldn't have enough for helmets though.... maybe you could afford those? On and On they went passing and ditching idea's as fast as they presented themselves.

I just sat there and listened, and tried not to cry ( they hate it when mom bawls).  It was so touching, Christ's love in action, all things in common, our goal... " We can have more together than anyone of us could ever have alone."  I sent up a silent prayer to my Saviour in heaven, Dear Lord, please bless their relationship like this forever.....

I don't know if the girls will get the four wheelers, Shane isn't too impressed with the way they are built but to know that the boys would feel it their duty to care and provide for their sisters.... is beautiful to me.

Knight in Shining Armor #1.... BTW~he broke his elbow when he wrecked Andy's blue bike, seen below.

But that is okay, Knight in Shining Armor #2 broke his shoulder while hauling pipe when he tripped on a rock.

We don't even want to talk about what Knight in Shining Armor #3 did.......... on this very bike.

And not to be left out Knight in Shining Armor #4 
beat them all to the punch by breaking his arm 
at the tender age of 5 while learning to ride a peddle bike.....

I tell them I will pay for one arm and one set of braces.
I should just about be finished with my financial responsibility.
Only......Summer is coming, you know........Sigh......

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