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Sunday, March 21, 2010

This Weeks Photo's

Cody is going to make the best dad some day.... here he is taking time to show Grace how to safely shoot her new pink BB gun that she got for Christmas.  They are making use of the heat off the septic tank for the only spot that was not covered snow..LOL

Our first batch of chicks hatched and are sold.  
The result was fair to partly fuzzy.

We took advantage of a sunny afternoon to trim hooves and worm all the adult goats....if you are wondering what kind of mother would allow her children to run around without coats in 40* am I. My only defense is that as you can see in the picture I was really busy and getting lots of help from Jerling... she wanted to know why I couldn't trim her feet too and kept washing my face with that big old tongue of hers.  Sooo maybe the real question should be ~What kind of woman makes a pet out of a 600 lb animal?

"Little David was a shepherd boy, 
he killed Goliath and then he shouted for joy."  
Or maybe rather he rolled his eyes at mom for calling him little?  
I am glad however, that like his namesake, 
he takes pride in watching over his father's flock.

After a hard day of work Bethany takes a stroll on the river
bottoms to see what treasures winter has left behind.

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