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Monday, March 8, 2010


Now, honey that is desperate!  When you start taking pictures of dirt there has got to be something wrong in that noggin of yours....  I couldn't help it though... I wish you could smell it... damp dirt!  Ahhhh.  I planted our pepper and tomato plants Saturday. I plant them in open flats because this time of year we do not have enough sunlight in our southern window and they grow long and stringy.

When they are about and inch or so tall I will put dirt in individual pots and replant the seedlings all the way up to their leaves again.  This does two things, one it gives them a large root base to grow from and two it gives them two weeks of extra growth ahead of the sun, by the time they are ready to be replanted the light will be just right for them to grow stocky instead of spindly.  I'll post pictures as we go.

I am so ready for summer,the garden, the weeds, the grass to mow, the sun that soaks right into your bones and makes you feel all lazy like... I am ready!

Right now we are still buried in snow drifts and in some places mud. But the days grow longer.  I went out to my chives, they are up against the house, the snow usually melts quickly there providing me with an early spring treat.... I thought I would make some cheese and add chives to it but my little hens beat me to the tiny new shoots!  Oh well, I cannot hold it against them. They have suffered through the same winter that I have and are simply looking for fresh greens as well.  I love growth...let me rephrase that... I love growth as long as it isn't me that is doing the growing.:)

How are you preparing for spring?

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  1. we prepare for Spring by taking cover..LOL it is tornado season here....bad storms across the state tonight...see we pay for having that 70 degree weather so early...we got hail here, damage causing hail....soo there are trade offs for the mild weather in the winter, we pay for it during tornado season