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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

He Created YOU...

I was standing in the toothbrush isle  the other day because...well, because our toothbrushes  wore out and we need new ones.  When I decided on the ones I wanted I began to pull them off the shelf looking for nine different colors... have you ever tried to find nine different colors in a toothbrush?
Not happening.

But farther on down the line something was happening~ people were starting to take notice. Two ladies were whispering back and forth and then a third stopped to watch as well.  Finally one spoke up "Is that a good buy?"

I turned to face my audience...


"Those, if you are stocking up like that they must be a good buy!"

I shrug, not wanting to take the time to explain myself.."Sure, if you need toothbrushes."

but she continues "Are you going to take them all?"

"Nope, I'm done."  and off I walk shaking my head as they empty the shelf.
I should get a commission for that. Or maybe, a bad mark on my report card.

Why is it that we tend to feel like we are missing out.. or feel the need to run with the masses?  I meet mothers everyday that waste precious time comparing themselves, their money, their family to others, afraid that if they don't match up they are in some way inferior...  All I can ask is why? Do you not know that God formed you for a special purpose?  One that nobody else can fill? If you are pleasing Him, why worry about what any other mortal may think?
It is about time we take a stand and be the body God created us to be. To be anything else would be unwise.

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