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Monday, February 15, 2010

For the last time......

This should be the last post on Zachary's arm.  We visited the doctor in Twin Falls on Friday and Zachary is allowed to go with out his brace, according to the doctor,  as long as he is not participating in any "boneheaded" activity.  Zachary gave a sigh and said. "That is going to be hard..."  So I told him to just put the brace on when he felt like being a bonehead. LOL! He will have follow up x-rays in May.

The Lord promises to work everything for our good, and while I admit I have seen very little good while walking this path for the last nine months.  Friday, I realized something that hadn't I consciously thought of   before.  Zachary is an awesome guy.   All my children are great and I love them all dearly.

Zac, however, is truly a middle child and an easy going one at that.  In a family with ten people in it, all competing for mom's time, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle if you don't exert yourself to attract attention.  Zac is content not to attract too much attention. Therefore, he was often on the sidelines.

I realized that we have grown closer to each other over the past year. The days of caring for him in the hospital and later as he slept in my room at home were days that I spent devoting myself to him exclusively. 
I remember the first day as through a medicated haze he said "Mom, if there was ever a good mom, it's not you".. then with a sigh he said " I think I said that wrong...I mean I love ya."

The hours that we have spent in waiting rooms have produced many uninterrupted conversations for me to get to know him better.  He is so funny, and can crack a joke faster than I can blink.  He also has great plans for himself and is ever concerned that his thoughts line up with those of his Saviour.

Now days, he walks up and hugs me out of the blue, he is more attentive to others at home and they are more attentive to him.  The accident ground us to a screeching halt and caused us to appreciate each other as well as each day more....And that is good.

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