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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I want to go back...

No..I really don't.

But do you remember the song? I wanna go back...go back.... and do it all over.....but I can't go back, I know....

Hmmm. now I am showing my age. As if having a 17 yr old son didn't already do that for me!
CHRISTIAN GAMES The Ungame - Christian Version
My children and I were playing the Ungame today. Great game. Stirs up a lot of meaningful conversations, we use the Christian version.

Anyway, one of my questions was."If you could go back and live one year over again, what year would it be?" Now, I always try to make my answers deep and meaningful but for this question.... I could not come up with one. My answer was none.

Not one? Nope. The reason being that TODAY is my best day. Today is as good as it has ever been. I wouldn't go back and do any of it over. Today I am one day closer to heaven, one day closer to leaving all the cares and troubles that Satan sends my way behind me. Oh, there are many things I wish I would have done differently, even many things I am ashamed of. But I would not go back to revisit them for anything. My trials and failures are what have caused me to grow but the best~ as they say~ is yet to come.

Maybe it's my fast approaching birthday, that causes me to be more sentimental but the gray that now fringes my hair and the laugh lines that crease my eyes are hard earned. Hard earned and yet they stand as a testimony that I am more than a conquer through my Saviour Christ Jesus. Proof that I am pressing toward the mark and little by little making headway. Positive affirmation that if He can save me.......... well, then He can save anybody.

So, I want to hurry to tomorrow,or maybe relish today, but I never want to move backward... I want to see what other great things the Lord has planned. I want to laugh with my children and love with my man.... the pastures He leads me beside are green indeed.

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