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Friday, February 19, 2010


Oooh, I am so sore.  It warmed up to 36 yesterday ( today too but I am too sore to do anything about it)  The boys and I headed out as soon as school was over and began cleaning up around the barn and the hay stack.

I also cut down my willow trees, This fall, Jerling plowed through the electric fence that was protecting them and....well, let's just say my goats ate well this winter. Being willows I suspect they will grow up from the roots next spring but my arms are like jello.. I got all soft and mushy this winter and yesterday is really killing me today. It hurts to even type so this will be short.....don't sigh in relief like that.

This week has been long.. Monday, I got a call from my mom's neighbor... your mom has issues.  Then I rolled into Tuesday and it was my client having issues then Wednesday I started class and on and on.

This morning while I was milking,  Zac came out the back door and said "Momma, I've got some good news and some bad news for you."  I buried my face into my goat, she smelled of a barn that needed cleaning, but I kept my face there because I didn't want to hear the news........ He smiles "The bad news is ...there is no good news.  The good news is...there is no bad news."

I pat the goat as she jumps from the stand.  That was exactly what I want, a completely neutral day.  No good, no bad and since it is a balmy 36* I am going to brew my self a jar of ice tea and celebrate.

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