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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Back 2 School 2

Well, Cody and I are taking online courses at the same we only have one computer this should prove interesting.  Cody is taking his final class for Veterinarian Assistant in hopes of getting a job after he turns 16. 

I am taking accounting classes to learn how money works... I always though money disappeared but it turns out that is not it's only talent.  Who knew?   As a side note if you have any money laying around that I could practice with,  let me know and I will get you my address.......come on.... you can trust me! LOL!

All the men in my life are in Salt Lake for the Hunting Expo at the Salt Palace.  This morning as I was doing chores I heard birds... It's funny how in the summer birds are just a back ground noise but that first time you hear them after a silent winter they are almost deafening. Made me sigh...

I am done kidding until about mid March.  There are babies everywhere.  I can't wait until Spring, so they can play on the clean grass instead of the dirty snow.

Well, I am going to get some cleaning done while the guys are gone.  Have a beautiful weekend.

Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, Business School Edition, The (2nd Edition)

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