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And the family name you bear……

Friday, May 14, 2010

Would you look....

At what has arrived!

No, sweetie..not the quack grass!  I think quack
grass secretly grows under the snow.
But I am talking about the spring flowers!!!
And the cherry bushes are the happiest
little things. Here's hoping they haven't started too
soon as every one loves cherries.

The bees have been so cranky because they were just starving to death.
But today they were back to their peaceful selves.
 The plums are a little more cautious
about opening themselves up to the world.
And the apples are still shut tight.
And of course we take advantage of the first warm day
to clear up winter's muck...
Before you start to feel too bad for him,
there was a bobcat in there helping too.
It was an exhausting day, but the corral and barn are clean
for the year, and tomorrow we can relax
AFTER we till the garden and rake the back area and 
plant the seeds and clean around the fire pit and get the irrigation water in and........
LOL! talk to you all in the fall.:) 


  1. noooooo you cant abandon me until fall... Our spring is about passed, although we are having a few cool days this week...we have had to turn on the air already *GAG* I hate running it before June, I try to keep the electric bill as low as possible as long as possible. LOL

  2. LOL! you make me smile. I really can't stay away all summer. Air already? We haven't even shut the heaters off for good yet! We have a small air conditioner, last year we never even turned it on....:(