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And the family name you bear……

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why I Write...

I began this blog in February of  2009.  Until that time I wrote in a journal...  Page after smeared page from a left handed writer now sit in my bottom drawer waiting for a time when my children want to be reminded of their mothers love for them.
I like my blog a lot better, no smears, I can reword any section I want with a click of the mouse and best of all SPELL CHECK!!!! :)

I started sharing my blog with others a few months later.  Something I often wish I hadn't done.

You see, I don't write "for all of the world to read" but for Shane and my children. If the Lord wills that I should live to be old, there will come a time when my mind has betrayed me and my footsteps are ragged and slow.  I want them to have a written remembrance of my love.  Or should my last day be today and I never have a chance for that final  "I love you" ....I want them to find it here.

I want my children and husband to forever understand that I do not have a heart beat of my own but simply the echo of their heart, beating in my chest .  Why I do the things I do and believe what I believe... that is here also.

I think this blog is a great way for those we don't see very often to keep up with what we are doing, it makes it easy for me too. For that reason alone, I leave it public.  But there are others, others who sometimes make my blog hard to write.

If you disagree with something I write...the comment box is there. I don't mind that they see opposition.. it causes us to research our beliefs more thoughtfully and our beliefs become more concrete by that.  If I offend you, however,....... tough.  I won't apologize and I certainly won't change it.  I didn't write it for you, and while it is sitting here for you to read, that doesn't mean you have to.

Maybe I should put at the top... This blog is dedicated to my God and the men and women who make my life worth living......if you don't like it ~ make yer own.  Ahhh, but then my attitude would be showing wouldn't it?

At any rate, children get to doing what you do best...making your momma proud.  I can't wait to see what I write next.


  1. you are such an awesome woman....I love that you share you here with us...and for your family. Love ya my friend. Hope it isnt too cold up there, we are enjoying awesome weather...We are actually having a fall YAY!!!

  2. It has been beautiful!! A perfect Indian summer that I am loving!! This week is a little cooler~ in the 50's... but still that is nice for us. I miss you! Praying all is going well with your new ministry. love ya!