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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to Worm a Cody...

Step 1:  While feeding Hogs, notice the male has ear mites. Determine they are bad enough to need medication..

Step 2:  Return to the house and make a large peanut butter sandwich. Inject enough Ivermectin into the bread to treat an eight hundred pound pig.

Step 3:  Smell it and decide to drench it in Maple syrup to help mask the medicine even more.

Step 4:  Walk away to give David instructions for feeding the sandwich to the pig.

Step 5:  Return to find Cody leaning over the plate, watch as sandwich and drool flies out of his mouth as he attempts to tell you that your sandwich tastes like a turd.

Step 6:  Resist the urge to tell Cody what you are really thinking at that moment.

Step 7:  Fail at step six.

Step 8:  Instruct Cody to spit the sandwich out immediately and rinse his mouth.

Step 9:  Rest in the knowledge that both Amish People and Third World Countries use Ivermectin on their children.

Step 10: Think about sending Cody to a third world country.

Step 11: Be astonished that you are no longer astonished that Cody has an iron stomach and survived.... yet again.


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