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Friday, January 9, 2015

Stumbling Blocks...

This is not a normal post. Yet, it's what my children need to hear me say.

I am glad at times that no one can see my dashboard... my drafts.  Sometimes a subject creates in me such emotion that words and thoughts fly out at a rapid pace and jumble themselves together as to make me appear crazy.. those posts never make it here they just sit unpublished.

This will be my third attempt to write on one subject... Submission.... or to be more precise Obedience...

And while there are pages that I have written on the subject, today I promise to make this short so the point will not be lost.

Here is my question..

Why do people, and more embarrassingly Christians, consider submission and obedience to be signs of weakness and immaturity?

Stop and think.. honestly.

 I am having a hard time understanding.

When a person doesn't get their way and they moan, cry and stamp their foot what do we compare them to?  A two year old, right?


Because a child of the age of two is immature.  They don't have the mental strength to make themselves obey.

So here is the twist, when a woman or young adult seeks to honor God by honoring their head.  Seek to "salute the uniform" so to speak and make a CHOICE to lay down their will in deference to another... why is that weak or immature?

Laying down your will is hard.

It takes Strength.

It takes honor.

It takes dignity.

It takes a discipline of the mind and body that few possess.

On the contrary, demanding your own way takes no skill at all... a two year old can do it.

Moreover, this skill that you mock ~ it is one that God requires. I promised to keep this short, we all know the verses to some extent right?  Please be warned that when you throw your "door mat" philosophy at my family it flies over our heads and smacks God right in the face.

Now that's a sobering thought.

Can I just ask two favors...

Please don't waste your time telling me all the reasons that submission and obedience would never work in your family.  Save your excuses for the One who made the rules.

And second

Please don't waste my time telling me why it won't work in my family, you're too late, we already know better.

May you profit. Hebrews 13:17

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