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Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Renewal

I felt it this weekend.... winter is loosing it's grip. The snow is receding around the house and the sun shone warm in my hair as I leaned against the hay stack. Breathing deep I took a moment to thank the Lord for his provision through another winter and pray for peace in the up coming summer. Spring, a time of renewal. It always leaves me with an itch to get outside and stir up some dirt, or to sit on the old tire feeder and let the animals come gather round to see if they might mooch a treat or no. The sounds of their nickers or clucks and the babies chewing on the bottom of my skirt always bring a swelling in my heart. Simple people have simple pleasures.

I think back over the winter and realise that it hasn't been too rough to get through. We haven't had the heavy storms that sent us shoveling just to make it to the barn. We are a little short on snow in the mountains because of this but our reservoirs are still in pretty good shape due to the year before. We will have plenty of water to irrigate. My animals will once again munch on grass and clover that makes both their moods and their milk sweet. The garden will grow and life will begin afresh.

It's not surprising that our Saviour provided for our salvation in the spring of the year. Nature it's very self cries out with a celebration of "all things new". It brings hope and happiness to even the faintest of hearts, and promises better days and better things ahead. I envision Heaven in a perpetual spring. No sadness, No sorrow, The warmth of God himself lighting up everything around. Beautiful! I am thankful that, through no merit of my own, I can call it home. I find myself homesick, longing for the day I can trade my ashes for beauty.

The winters in life can be very, very, hard. I think we must be very careful not to view the present troubles through the worlds spectacles. We must see through the eyes of faith... one has only to look toward the cross to know that spring is coming.
It has to......He promised.
And he that sat upon the throne said,
Behold, I make all things new.
And he said unto me,
Write, for these words are
true and faithful.
Rev 21:5

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