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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look Out Mount

Chores were done and there was still three hours until dinner so we decided to go check the dry farms. It was hot and the breeze would feel good......

I love this time of year, I often wish it could be like this always. Shane says I would tire of it, and maybe so but I'd sure like a chance to find out.

What a beautiful view from up here.

The Snake. We have been blessed with an abundance of water.

Oh, here we go again. Two weekends in a row we've been chased by storm clouds. This one looks a little more serious than last week, though.

Heading for the shed as fast as a dirt bike will take you.
PLEASE make sure you slow down for the corners!
Just for the record ~we beat it. It was an amazing storm. Wind and lightning. Fun to watch, just not to be caught in.
~O sing unto the Lord a new song;
for he hath done marvellous things
Psalm 98:1

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