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And the family name you bear……

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Drunk...

I found it....

Why do I drink, I do not know
I guess I'm just a poor lost soul.
I had everything money could buy,
But acted like a fool when they passed the Rye.

I drink so fast to ease the pain
of life, love and all lost fame.
The first drink always burns so bad,
The morning after I feel so sad.

I swore to quit, like times before,
by noon I shake and walk the floor.
I drank so much I ruined my life,
I lost my job, my pride, my wife.

I beg you people throughout this land
leave it alone while you still can.
As for me my life is lost,
for a drink I must have at any cost....
~Frank Norris Clark


  1. Yes ma'am. If his life and death would stop just one person from following the same path....
    I'd share anything.