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Monday, September 27, 2010

Nooo Bears

are out tonight......the boys keep putting them in my free~zer.......  This guy is huge.  Way to go David!  Now you bigger boys stay out of the stands and let Andrew get his so we can be done.  There is another bear up there that is bigger than this one.  David told everyone " Don't tell mom that or she won't let us sit up here alone any more."  Smart boy......


  1. ack bears are scary...thank goodness my bunch dont bear hunt....those are huge bears. And you guys eat the meat??

  2. LOL! I know... who in their right mind would set out a barrel of food in bear country then crawl in a tree and wait for a hungry bear to show up. Sigh.

    Bear is not good, at least not how I cook it. LOL. We are not required to retrieve the carcass because they are scavengers. But we bring it home anyway and make dog food out of it. I think it would be wasteful to leave it behind.