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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Boys to Men

This is a journal entry from two years ago.... I was reminded of it today when a water fight broke out during chore time. It turned into a wrestling match between the older three.... At 180lbs a piece and almost exactly the same height. No one could come out on top for very long.

They all lay laughing and exhausted on the lawn afterwards and it was very hard not to go sit on them myself and declare myself the victor! I was afraid of being challenged though, and even as tired as they were I'd have been thrown in the water trough!
Not really, they are very careful with their old Ma.

... at the time we had a buck goat that we called Stinky Pete. Mean, I know. He started out with a romantic name but he had such a nasty, evil temper... well, you'd call him Stinky Pete too.
It begins...

Gird up now thy loins, like a man... Job 38:3

How fast little boys become men, I look at mine and stand in awe of what a few years will do.

Yesterday, I saw David and Cody each at different times provoke our new buck~ just so they could force him under their control. Now, I will be the first to admit that he is the nastiest creature ever created and needs very little provoking before he attacks, I have bruises on my legs that I think will never heal, and more than once have hobbled out of the pasture after being slammed against the fence by him. Stinky Pete is headed for a Mexican taco as soon as I can raise up a replacement.

My boys, however, went out of their way. Walking up to him and standing right next to him. He would stomp and grunt and push with his head and then finally attack. He weighs about 150 lbs so David has about seven pounds over him and Cody none. Before it was over both boys would be triumphantly sitting on him with his head pinned to the ground. When released Stinky Pete would run away chewing the whole time and they would turn around reeking of buck, to notice that I was standing there watching........
head slung low and giving me that "I'm caught" grin...... They should have been twins~ hours apart this situation played its self out in pretty much the same way twice.

"Son, a real man doesn't go looking for a fight to prove he is strong....he just uses his strength to protect those in his care when there is a threat."

"Yes 'um."

"You stink, go bath."

"Yes 'um.......... mom, he's been at me and tempting me for days....... I had to show........"

I look up at him and he walks away, leaving the sentence unfinished. When God gave Adam and all the sons of Adam the right to take dominion of the earth~ He must have laid it on the younger ones a little thick.

Some day they will stand, as the guardians of their own gates. Oh, how I pray that they will stand, not as hot headed youth, spoiling for a fight but as compassionate guards waiting to protect all in their care and fight only when necessary.

A wise man is strong, yea a man of knowledge increaseth strength.

Proverbs 24:5

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