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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zac's Update

Just returned home from the doctor, and according to the doctor, Zachary's growth plate on one bone in his arm is not growing. He has ordered another CT scan on it tomorrow. Basically if one bone growth is retarded from the injury and the other one's growth is normal The arm will twist and become deformed. I am so surprised because he has had the best time the past two months, no pain, everything working pretty much like it should ~ his movement is a little stiff and he still can't feel the area but over all he's been doing good.
The doctor gave us three options and then knocked two of them off leaving us one.........

1) wait for the arm to quit growing and then cut the correct bone to match the one that did not grow.... this is not advisable because the deformation will have already occurred and may be irreparable.

2) go in and surgically damage the healthy bone and retard the growth on it as well. This will work and pretty much be unnoticeable if Zachary only grows another inch or two. But if he grows significantly ~say another six inches it will be clearly visible that one arm is shorter than the other. ~At thirteen and five foot ten........... who knows? but I'd take a shorter arm over a twisted one.

3) If the damage is only in a small part of the growth plate they could possibly bore it out and allow the healthy part to grow up around it. Allowing both bones to grow at the same rate as each other and as the other arm as well..... this will only work if the dead part is tiny and he emphasised TINY, and of course we all know that Zachary's injuries were not tiny. ~Probably not an option.

There is hope that the CT scan will show the growth difference to be so minimal that we could hold off and do another CT scan in two months and maybe find that it was not as bad as originally shown today. Dr. Mills declared this to be a very remote possibility........... obviously he does not know my Father. Or understand the power of prayer.

Please keep Zachary in your prayers..... He's a trooper and will accept whatever the Lord allows. But his momma would sure like to skip this one.

At the very least I think I will take him to Dr. Larsen for a second opinion.


  1. Praising God that He is the Great Physican! Lifting Zach up in our prayers.

  2. Thanks, Amy, you are so right. The One who created my son shall heal my son. As He chooses.