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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maybe I need a tractor...

Well, I had a pretty productive morning yesterday. I mucked out the ugly closet in my bed room, organized my cellar, picked enough beans and cukes to do several batches of canning,and totally cremated two DIFFERENT hoses in my gardens watering system AND all before noon!

What a woman, eh? Funny, it was only the hoses that got the attention... it was 11:30 I still had a half hour before everyone would be wanting lunch so decide to get some tilling done. I didn't have that dumb thing running for ten seconds before I sucked up one of my hoses and wound it tight around the tines..... "AAAAANDREW!!!!" Andrew is my johnny-on-the-spot guy.. If Momma can break it ~Andy can fix it. He comes a runnin' and when he gets it all untangled he says "Aww, mom. you shredded it and I am out of repair let me till."

No Way! I never get to till (any clue as to why?) So he starts it for me and off I go.... right down the row and guess what is waiting on the other side? "AAAAANDREW!!!!!" ~I already told you what Andrew does. But this time he says "Mom, dad is goooonnnna have you! That is two in one day you've shredded ~please let me till?"

"Don't whine son, it's not just walk on ahead of me and make sure I don't hit anything else." And with that I finished my tilling.

When Shane called at lunch I had to report " I don't want to talk about it, but you need to pick up two hose repair kits on the way home."

He gives me that chuckle.....oh, I hate that chuckle.... it sounds like... like a "Woman, how would you ever survive without me?" chuckle.

Then he tells David ~ hey, mom needs two hose repair kits.... and in the background I can hear a big sigh followed by "who let her on the the lawn mower?"

I'd pout...but pouting doesn't work through the phone so I say "well, if you must know ~it wasn't the lawn mower but the tiller."
That is instantly followed by him saying "Where's Cody?????????"

"Swimming. why else do you think I was allowed to touch it?"

FYI, the front of my garden is tilled and ready for garlic, lettuce and cabbage. My hoses have been repaired by the men in my life and everything is back to normal.... today, I would like to run the tiller down a few other rows.......that is if I can get past it's body guards.

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