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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Killin' Time at the County Fair

Is there any thing better than the fair?
The time to get out and see
what others have been doing all summer!
Finally! we have bathed the last goat,
rabbit and chicken for this year!
I'm afraid the child didn't know what to expect the first time the second she was tucking in her arms and legs and flying off the end of that slide.
she flew so far she missed the cushion at the end.

A rare sight, the last four finalists for showmanship were all Holversons. Kelly, a neighbor called it the "Holverson Monopoly". I laughed and told him if he ever wanted to repent for raising cows and convert to goats, we'd welcome him with open arms.
(actually, I love cows too.) I will always treasure this picture because as children grow, they move on..
David, didn't show this year because of his job. Cody will follow next... Andrew and Zachary will show pigs, so the only two I have showing goats will be my girls... they will never all be in the ring together. this is as close as it will get.

Grace and her doeling, Thistle, learning the ropes. Actually, both those goats are from my dairy herd, the little gal in the back bought her goat from me this spring. I am interested to see, in future years, how they will shape up.

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