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Monday, September 14, 2009

Bloom where you are planted

We have rocks at the entrance to our drive way. In front of those rocks is road base. tons and tons of road base. My mind refused to comprehend road base..... The dirt around our home has spoiled me to the point I do not understand the statement
"soil too poor to grow anything."
So this spring I planted some of my favorite sunflowers right down in the road base in front of the entrance rocks and waited patiently for them to bring me a smile.
I was not disappointed. Today as I left to take Bethany to piano lessons I looked at the bare spot in front of my entrance rocks and to my surprise one stubborn, stubborn, stunted sunflower had made his way into the world and bloomed to brighten my day.
Don't get me wrong, I have fifty plus other sunflowers in a patch sharing their beauty with all who pass, I love them ...... but they will never be as beautiful as this little flower.
For they have lived a life of ease...
He grew when he shouldn't have.
He grew in spite of his surroundings.
He didn't care how hard it was.
He grew anyway.
He did well.

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