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Monday, September 28, 2009

On a Velvet Pillow.

We were working out in the garden this weekend. Our tomatoes have been covered since Aug 30th and we go out everyday to uncover and harvest anything red then recover. Zac was bent over in the row picking from the plants in front of him. As I walk by I playfully bump him to see if he can balance himself before he lands head first into the tomato bush.

He doesn't even budge, just puts out a hand, steadies himself and says "Momma, you'd think with as much money as you've had to put into me this summer, you'd be a little more careful of me.... you know like set me up and display me on a velvet pillow." he straightens and continues his daydreaming "I'll lounge their all day and you could show me off saying "see, here is my million dollar child" or something."

I answer that back in the day if a man owed more money than he could pay they put him in a debtor's prison to work at hard labor until he could pay it off....

You could almost see the dream bubble burst over his head.

He follows with "Really? Well, my arms going to be all messed up again so I guess it will be you and dad that would have to do the hard labor."

"Boy, you have no sympathy.."

"I know, makes my idea of the velvet pillow sound better all the time doesn't it?"

"Pick boy, before I break the other arm..."

"Yes, 'em. You're harsh."

That part comes naturally when you're raising four boys.

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